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16 December 2010 @ 01:21 am
Government Intelligence Memos | Sent to and from various sources  


Our “market-researchers” in Ivona and Vohemar have reported increased military activity. Vohemar is calling in mercenaries, while Ivona builds and crews more military ships. This could escalate into a major crisis very quickly. Therefore, we have already begun production of caskets, flags from both countries to drape over caskets, various types of weaponry, and war souvenirs which we will begin marketing as soon as possible. Put in a good word with the diplomats from both nations. Tell them Kropmork is prepared to cater to all their regrettable casualties’ needs for a very affordable price.


Falconer, this is Kestrel speaking, and I have information that must reach our majesty posthaste. It seems that Ivona and Vohemar are preparing for war games...or something far, far worse. There's whispers amongst our "allies" about increasing their military clout in response to those filthy pirates across the continent. While I fear the Vohemaros, I must confess that I fear the Ivonians worse. I've managed to take a peek into their files on us and what they have to say about our king. This is what the president's intelligence has to say on his majesty:

"The Erealian royal line is on its last legs. After the peasant revolts last spring, it's only a matter of time before the serfs rise up and do some real damage. While we still have to step carefully after von Karma's blunder, this gives us a bargaining chip. We should work on getting more men and women in their good graces and in their ranks. I doubt he'd refuse our help; the king may be a backwards fool, but even he would know better than to make additional enemies."

Do you see that? Do you see that thinly veiled threat? They wish to make us into their puppets! If this is their idea of help, then I will not stand for it. I recommend that we close the borders and let the continentals spill blood in their own airspace. Further reports on their exact plans for us will come shortly.




Our intelligence branch has intercepted the following memo between Vohemar's top officials:

"Negotiations were a rousing success. Mr. Falls was quite agreeable and accommodating. We met in his mansion home in the Badlands and he has agreed to lend us the Badlands' full support. With their wealth, resources, and loyalty, we can begin the next phase. Allocate as many funds as possible to weapons and manpower. Hire any mercenaries or privateers willing to join up. As soon as we are ready, we will strike Ivona and bring our enemy down."

This is a matter of utmost importance. National security is at stake. The military will prepare for war. Vohemar, which only wins its battles through dishonorable cowardly tricks, stands no chance against a well prepared opponent. However, if Vohemar is aided by other nations, the future is less certain. Diplomats, we urge you to solidify relations with our other allies before Vohemar can sow the seeds of doubt in their minds. Do not give any indication that you know of any plans - with this critical information, we have taken away the only real advantage they have: surprise.



Our source in Ivona's diplomatic corps reports that they have reached an agreement with Joseph Falls of the Badland Unification Movement. The upshot is this: in exchange for Ivona's support of the Badlands' ludicrous claim of independence, Falls will throw in with Ivona once hostilities break out between us.

That's bad news. Falls has enough firepower to cause serious trouble for any of our airships passing through their airspace, while Ivona would be able to strike at us with impunity.

If the Badlands remains neutral, our forces will be enough to handle Ivona's fleets. If the Badlands sides with us, victory is all but assured. But our chances suffer greatly if the Badlands sides with Ivona.

I suggest that we redouble our efforts to obtain Falls' loyalty, or, worst come to worst, a pre-emptive strike to secure the Badlands may be the only option.


OOC: While the characters may not receive the exact messages listed in this post, certain characters will be privy to the same information. Diplomats and representatives on the Amestris will automatically know the facts described in their respective nation's memos in dossiers sent specifically to them (for example, Othar would know about Erealia's plans for isolation, while Susan would know about Ivona's plans to further militarize). Meanwhile, other characters with political ties may also have access to some of this information, though how much (and how they receive it) depends on the nature of these ties. If you think your character is eligible to be in the know, please contact a mod or comment here OOCly.