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17 April 2011 @ 03:29 am

Do I have your fucking attention yet? Good. No, this ain't a motherfucking porn post, you sick fucks, this is something a good goddamn more important. I'm posting this shit from a huge fucking mainframe engine we 'liberated' from a bunch of terrorist fuckheads. I'm still breaking through the encyption on this motherfucker, but what I've got decoded so far is a Big Fucking Deal. End-Of-The-World Big Fucking Deal. You are all gonna want to hear this shit, so listen closely.

I'll be updating this post with recordings as I get them unpacked, just check the comments, and spread the motherfucking word to anyone who'll listen. We need as many people knowing about this shit as we can fucking well get.
tidesnpc on April 17th, 2011 07:36 am (UTC)
[First, there is a man’s voice. He sounds astonishingly middle-aged, with a somewhat posh accent]

“So, if what you’re telling me is correct, just about all of our allies are seeking to destroy the continent.”

[There is another man’s voice. He sounds much younger than the first man, and his tone is serious, albeit somewhat smug]

“I’ve confirmed that both Maestro Delphine and Mr. World have their sights on Ymir, sir. I don’t have complete information on how they intend to obtain it, although I have gleaned that releasing it without destroying the continent would be almost impossible.”

[There is a sound of a fist slamming on the table, and then the posh middle-aged voice speaks again:]

“Damn them both! We need this continent! After all the hard work we put into turning Ivona and Vohemar against each other… how are we supposed to profit from its destruction?”

[There is a pause. The man resumes after that pause]

“Well, I suppose this means we’ll be contacting that crew. I believe that Wrath’s already on his way there-“

“I’m afraid there’s bad news on that front as well, sir. I’ve gotten some intelligence that their leader doesn’t have The Philosophers’ best interests at heart.”

“Nonsense. At the very least, we created Wrath, he clearly owes u-“

“He seems to be answering to a higher power than you at the moment. Perhaps you should be more careful about your experiments, sir.”

[There is a swishing sound…]

“ADAM, what the hell are you-“

[The click of a gun]

“It seems as though quite a few of them are answering to higher powers these days.”

[And then the sound of a gunshot]