THE SKY TIDES NPC JOURNAL (tidesnpc) wrote,

[filtered to the Convoy] [voice]

[It's Jade's journal, and her voice -- along with the voices of her rescued friends.]

[Jade's voice] We heard about the sky serpent. And, well, we think that there are things we could do--

[A brash, female voice that the Nihl crew will recognize] Get out of the way, Jade! What she's trying to say is, that snake is bad news, and we're gonna help you take it out.

[A cultured male voice that the Nahk crew knows] But before we do that, there's something you ought to know about us. We're...not exactly human. We're one kind of what you like to call dragons.

That's right. And that makes us uniquely qualified to help you, since you'll need to fly to get to that snake. Now its great big ugly mug is headed this way, and our plan is to head it off before it wraps its slimy body around the whole continent.

[No one knows this voice, unless they've talked with the Rahki River prisoner after he woke up] Because if that snake gets all the way around the continent, you can bet your ass it'll start constricting Reial like a trapped mouse.

So if you're with us, meet us outside your ship ASAP. We're going to kill that thing.
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